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Understanding The Basics of Defective Motor Vehicle Claims

If the vehicle you recently purchased is not meeting industry standards, then you may be in a position in which you can file a defective motor vehicle claim. Driving a defective vehicle can be extremely dangerous, and it should also be noted that sometimes, defects do not become noticeable until…...

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Preparations Required For Different Types of ICBC Claims

Although ICBC deals strictly with motor vehicle accidents, not all of the submitted claims come from a motorist. As a result, different preparations must be made by those that intend to file a claim. The nature of the prepared material depends on the type of claim that has been made....

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What Are Rights of Family If Loved One Killed Due to Someone’s Negligence?

That particular family does not have a sure means for becoming free of its grief, but that close-knit group can seek to reclaim certain financial losses. Still, it must file a claim within 2 years of the day when the severely injured relative died. By filing a claim, the grieving…...

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Can You Claim Insurance If You Get Involved In A Car Share Accident?

Car sharing companies offer the public a welcome alternative to utilization of a Taxi service. Still, few of those that rely on such companies understand fully how any liabilities or protections get handled, at the time of an accident. Indeed, the nature of those liabilities and protections changes from one…...

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How ICBC Works To Protect Children Injured In A Car Accident

ICBC works closely with the Canadian court system. That same system demands existence of a litigation Guardian, when a child needs representation. Moreover, a Guardian cannot start a court case for a minor without the presence of a lawyer....

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