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What Losses Get Covered Once Someone Has Been In Car Accident?

Assuming that the person seeking some type of coverage has purchased a car insurance policy, he or she should be entitled to the money associated with what insurers call no-fault accident benefits. Those go to any victim of a car accident, regardless of any evidence that the same victim might…...

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Were You Hit And Injured By A Distracted Driver?

An accident can happen, if something distracts one driver from attention to the road. Ideally, a driver’s eyes will always be focused on that surface. Yet a long list of different things can keep a diver from paying attention to the road....

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Role of Adjuster In Car Accident Claim

The personal injury lawyers know that anytime a resident gets involved in an accident, he or she must report that collision to the insurer. During the course of that call, the policy holder and car owner must offer all the details, concerning the accident. Once that call has been made,…...

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How Medical Malpractice By An Obstetrician Can Cause Cerebral Palsy

It takes time for the parents of a new baby to note a lag in its development. Yet such parents can eventually detect the signs of cerebral palsy, if those are present. Once those signs have been detected, the pediatrician should be consulted, in order to obtain help from an…...

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Could Someone Get Injured By A Bicycle?

At one time that might have seemed like a silly question. In the past, it seemed far more likely that someone might get injured by falling off of a bike, rather than by getting hit by one. Today, though, introduction of more sophisticated cycles has added some legitimacy to the…...

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